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The Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society presents

The 2012


            also click to download the  2012 Gulf Coast Clay Conference Wall Flyer

A Conference for Wood Fired Pottery, Kilns and Woodfire Glazes

Date:  Weds. PM Lecture and Slide Show, Feb. 1, 2012 at PSC (Location 1 below)
          Thursday and Friday,   Feb. 2 and 3rd, 2012   at  PSC
          Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012 at Kiln Walk, Navarre FL (Location 2 below)
          This Saturday activity is the Woodstoke Pottery and Kiln Festival (below)

Schedule:     click for a detailed schedule.

Location 1:   Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts, Bldg 15, SW Corner,
                    Pensacola State College (PSC)
                    1000 College Blvd, Pensacola, FL                     (click for directions)

                    The Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts, Bldg 15, is at
                    the SW Corner of the PSC campus, at the eastern quadrant of
                    the intersection of North 9th Avenue with Airport Boulevard.

Location 2:   Kiln Walk Society site,
                    Navarre, FL at Hwy 87 and Buckeye Drive        (click for directions)

Lodging / Hotels   (click for details)

The 2012 Gulf Coast Clay Conference will have a lecture and slide show,demonstrations, and a vendor hall with products for clay arts and demonstrations of many of the products.

Bill van Gilder (right) will visit and give a lecture "The Functional Pot: Tips, Tools and Techniques" with a slideshow Wednesday evening at PSC (Location 1 above).

Mr. van Gilder will continue with demonstrations on Thursday and Friday.

Please view his website, for more information about Mr. van Gilder including pictures of his pottery, his teaching and workshops experience and his line of functional pottery tools. Bill van Gilder has written many books on pottery and articles for many pottery magazines. He has a regular monthly column called "Teaching Techniques" in Clay Times Magazine.

Also, noted PSC art professor and clay artist Bill Clover will host a workshop entitled "Can you handle it?" Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM.

He will be assisted by local potter Jason Stokes.

Mug exchange
Mugs will be accepted for a fun exchange  ...
Conference attendees are asked to bring a mug for mug exchange. One may bring mugs to registration. These will be on display and, on Friday, mug-bringers may choose someone else's mug to take home.

Mana Bowls Donation
Bowls will be accepted for donation  ...
Conference attendees are asked to bring a bowl to be donated to the Mana Food Pantry serving Escambia and Santa Rosa County, Florida. One may bring bowls to registration.

Vendor tools and products will be raffled off Friday PM.
One may buy a raffle ticket at registration or later from conference volunteers. Proceeds go to conference expenses and the support of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society.

Silent Auction
A silent auction of ceramic art will be held Friday PM.
Donations of one's own ceramic work for the auction is encouraged. Work may be brought to registration or later to conference volunteers. These will be on display at PSC until the auction on Friday. Proceeds go to conference expenses and the support of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society.

Conference Registration:    $95  (general)   $25 (Student)
Registration for the 2012 conference is now closed.

The Woodstoke Pottery and Kiln Festival is held on Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Kilnwalk site in Navarre FL. The Anagama kiln will be opened and unloaded after the winter's firing and the Ralph Howards Phillips Groundhog kiln will be on display. Kiln Walk logo mugs, cups and bowls will be on sale for Kiln Walk Society funding. This festival is open to the public as well as conference attendees.

All available space in the Jan- Feb 2012 firing has been sold (as of 2011-11-11).

Kiln firing participants with pots or work volunteers are directed to the January 2012 Anagama loading and firing schedule in the calendar of events (click).

The 2012 Gulf Coast Clay Conference is organized and sponsored by

                  PSC                                 Santa Rosa Arts             GC Kiln Walk